History of Schultz, Inc.

Red tractor with Schultz Inc. logo and vacuum trailer.

Schultz Inc./1800PITCLEAN was founded by Art Schultz in 1978 as Schultz Oil. Art purchased a small tanker truck to collect used oil which was treated and delivered as industrial fuel for local asphalt companies. Schultz Inc. quickly became a well known business in Michigan. Quick response to people’s needs and dynamic disposal solutions for customers contributed to Schultz Inc’s success.

As time passed the decision was made to mostly discontinue the recycling of used crankcase oil and to devote our time and resources to the processing and disposal of wastewater and car wash sludge and other non-haz waste materials.

Schultz Inc has become one of the largest car wash pit cleaning and nonhazardous LIB companies in the Midwest.

Our customers are treated exceptionally well with on-time pickups, energetic and bright team members, and the assurance that their nonhazardous LIW will be properly processed and disposed. Our mutual safety is #1…our customers are treated as a customer is expected to be treated…our disposal methods are unique…efficient…and cost effective.

If you want to know more about our organization, please call us at 1 800 PIT CLEAN (800-748-2532).